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Sergei TIVIAKOV - Russie - 2658

Grandmaster since 1991, this Russian player who moved to Netherlands in the late 90s is twice national champion (2007, 2008), European champion (Plovdiv 2008), and twice european team champion (2001 - best individual score-, 2005). He played in three Olympiads for Netherlands as well as one (a victory) for Russia. He often plays (and wins) in GM tournaments in Europe, namely Unive 2009, Fagernes 2011, Leiden 2011 and Panama Open 2011.

He played twice in the Montreal International Tournament, including a second-place finish in 2008. It will be his first participation in the CO.

Anton KOVALYOV - Argentine - 2636

Kovalyov, 20 years old, has been living in Canada for six years but just completed his FIDE federation transfer from Argentina. Highest rated player in Canada, he stayed Quebec's junior champion from 2010 to 2012, as well as Quebec Closed winner in 2009-2010-2011. Before he hit 20 years old, he maintained himself in world's top 15 juniors.

He is now studying at Texas University but comes back to Montreal for the Quebec Open, where he's always done well : he will be looking for his 7th top 5 finish in a row at a Quebec open.

Robin VAN KAMPEN - Pays-Bas - 2633

The 19 years old Dutch prodigy has now been a GM for three years. He is currently World's eighth best junior. In the last years, he's had a lot of success against 2700+ players, placing second at Unive 2013 and at the 2013 Reykjavik super-open (30 GMs).

This will be his first time playing in the CO.

Elshan MORADIABADI - Iran - 2586

Iran Champion at 16 years old (2001), he obtained his GM title in 2004. Currently Iran's second best players, he has been living and playing in the United States in the past couple years, occasionnaly coming to Canada, namely for last year's Canadian and Quebec opens. He reached US College Chess Final Four in 2012 with University of Texas.


Eric HANSEN - Canada - 2580

The 22 years old American-born Canadian currently lives in Europe to play in the Bundesliga. Grandmaster since 2012, he was almost Canadian Champion in 2011, losing to GM Sambuev in tiebreaks. The following year, he shared the fifth place at the World Junior Chess Championship. He also did well in big open tournaments : first at Mar del Plate and Isthia, as well as a GM norm at the 2012 Olympiads. These successes continued through last year as he shared first place at Cappelle-la-Grande and second place at Reykjavik (with Van Kampen). He won the 2012 Canadian Open and finished second last year after tiebreaks.

Bator SAMBUEV - Canada - 2530

Winner of the last Canadian Closed (8.5/9), GM Sambuev helped Russian GM Alexander Lastin prepare for his two Russian Championship wins in a row in the early 2000s. Immigrating to Canada in 2007, he settled in Montreal and started playing in weekend tournaments in Quebec and Ontario, winning... pretty much everything, scoring more than 60 tournament wins in the last seven years.

After winning the 2010 Quebec Open, he has been limited to the top 15 in the last three editions. This will be his third Canadian Open, after top 15 finishes in 2008 and 2013.

Nick DE FIRMIAN - 2509

Grandmaster since 1985, De Firmian is thrice American Champion (87, 95, 98). He won the 1986 World Open and played in 8 Olympiads between 1980 and 2000. Today, he is most known for his writings on opening theory, as he has written the last three editions of Modern Chess Openings.

He occasionnaly participates in the CO, which he won in 1983.

Walter ARENCIBIA - Cuba - 2531

Grandmaster since 1990, he has been a top 10 player in Cuba for almost thirty years straight. The 2-times Cuban Chambion (1986 and 1990) regularly plays in Canada, winning two Canadian Opens (2006, 2011).

This is also his 4th consecutive participation in the Quebec Open.

Thomas ROUSSEL-ROOZMON - Canada - 2476

Member of the Canadian Olympiads team from 2004 to 2010, Thomas obtained his Grandmaster title during his last participation. He is one of the most experimented young Canadian players due to his many participations in the Montreal International Tournament (TIM).

However, the CO will be his first tournament in 2014. 


Reynaldo VERA - Cuba - 2454

Grandmaster since 1988, Vera played in most Olympiads between 1988 and 2002, winning the third board gold medal in 1998. He wrote several books for Gambit editions and works with numerous chess magazines, namely New In Chess. Cuban champion in 1997 and 2001, he now acts as the coach for the Cuban team.

He is coming back to Canada after participating in the Canadian and Quebec opens last year. He also reached Quebec open's top five three times in the 90s.

John FEDOROWICZ - États-Unis - 2427

Grandmaster since 1986, Fedorowicz, 55 yers old, is known for frequently acting as Gata Kamsky's second, but also for his tournament victories in the United States, namely National Junior Championships in 1977 and 1978, New York Open, US Open and World Open in the eigthies and early nineties, as well as international achievements (2ns- Hastings 84-85, 2nd-Dortmund 85, 1st-Cannes 87, 1st - Sesimbra 87, 1st - Wijk aan Zee 90).

He has played in numerous Canadian Opens in the last thirty years. He tied for third in his last participation (2011).

Luis Manuel PEREZ RODRIGUEZ - Cuba - 2387

Grandmaster since 2008, the 35 years old Cuban plays in many tournaments around North america. He placed fourth in the 2011 Canadian Open, half a point behind Fedorowicz.

He also participated in the Quebec Open last year. This will be his third presence at a Canadian Open.




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